Friday, April 11, 2008

Avoiding Birth Trauma

Just a few points from me in no particular order.
* make eye contact, introduce yourself
* don't even go in the room unless you are utterly VITAL to the proceedings
* follow any wishes, desires or instructions to leave lights off, whisper or avoid speaking during cx
* when a woman says no, she means it - she doesn't mean keep asking in different ways or with threats implied, or outright
* separating a mother and baby without good reason is traumatising and barbaric and should be avoided unless one or other are seriously ill and require major emergency treatment
* belittling a birthing woman's sounds or movements is not ok ever
* informed consent means truly informed and that means about ALL interventions, even the ones you want her to have
* all drugs and interventions come with serious side effects, be clear about them and about other possible ways to manage the situation without creating a negative impact on the health of mother and baby

Borrowed from an Australian website

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