Friday, April 04, 2008

Birth Story
by Barbara Kozlowski, CNM

(photo by Rosie Peterson of birthing mom, Robin Potter)

(I'm drowning)
And the midwife holds me in her arms & says
Yes, it's hard, isn't it? You're doing so well!
(I'm surfacing)
And she says you're doing it exactly right
(And I'm drowning)
And she says you're taking such good care of your baby
(And I'm surfacing)
And she says yes this is how it is, you'll live, you're good & strong
(And I'm drowning)
And she says, good, good, that's good!
(and I'm surfacing)
And part of me says damn you, I'm dying here!
(And I'm drowning)
And part of me says, Oh God, I am doing this, aren't I?
(And I'm surfacing)
And part of me says leave me alone save me help me
(And I'm drowning)
And part of me says this is the most incredible thing I've ever done
I can't believe I'm actually doing this yes yes yes
(And I'm surfacing)

And the baby comes in a long, sea salt waterfall flood ocean of sweat & tears & birth waters & blood & I take her slippery warm wide-eyed amazed & knowing little self against my created~and~moved~the~universe warm & billowy belly & tell her she's wonderful & safe. And I follow her with a red & glorious afterbirth.

And I think "I did it. I am totally incredible!! We want some prizes and news coverage in here." Did you see that? Was that great or what?!?!?

And the Doctor writes:

32 year old gravida II Para I presents in active labor. Normal, spontaneous vaginal delivery of a viable female LOA over intact perineum. Apgars 9 & 10.

Uneventful delivery.........

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