Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Big "O"

I went to see the movie Orgasmic Birth last night. My friend and midwife, Geri Ryan showed it at Mira Costa College. There was a mixed group of students, parents to be and doulas in the theater. After the movie there was a panel of doulas and midwife discussing the issues addressed in the movie and then opened it up for questions from the audiance. I highly recommend it! I think it is a beautiful movie and a must see for any woman that plans to have a baby someday. It's important that her partner and family members see it too. I hope to purchase the movie myself and have it available for you to borrow. If you would like to contact me I would be glad to lend it out.

Orgasmic Birth shares stories of women who have experienced ecstatic, healing, joyful, and yes even, orgasmic births! The movie explains how this has happened to women throughout time. It reminded me that not all that long ago, in the Victorian Age, sex was thought to be a bad thing, painful and to avoided if possible. Today we know that sex is pleasurable, our sexuality is an important part of who we are, sex is healthy! Today the majority of women in our culture think that giving birth is unbareable and that they need to endure it or escape it (with drugs). Soon women will discover that birth can be pleasurable, our birth experiences are an important part of who we are, and that birth is healthy! That is true for over 90% of birthing women. And we here in San Diego are fortunate to have many good neighborhood midwifes that will screen you and tell you if you are one of those low risk, healthy women : )

We already know that the day a women gives birth is a day in her life she will never forget. You can ask a 95 year old woman what she had for dinner last night and she may not remember. But if you ask her about her births, she's sure to tell you in great detail! We already know that our births transform and empower us but watching Orgasmic Birth confirms this and goes the next step, educating us on the potential to have ecstatic, orgasmic births. The film will help you understand the hormones (or her moans) that are present at birth are the same that are present during love making (baby making). All this is better explained on the website.

Christiane Northrup, MD, a visionary in the field of women’s health and wellness and a board-certified obstetrician–gynecologist, shares her expertise and insight throughout the film. Regarding postpartum depression, she says: "I want women to know that if you’ve had a cesarean birth, an induction, or an epidural, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to bond with your baby or you can’t love this baby, or any of that. Humans are incredibly adaptable. But why adapt if you don’t have to—if you can let your body do what it was designed to do? I believe that the connection between overuse of intervention and postpartum depression is enormous. If women experienced the ecstasy of birth, they would have the high that would get them through the hormonal changes of the next week. Your body and your inner wisdom give you that high."

Orgasmic Birth encourages viewers examine their perceptions about childbirth and to consider issues that are crucial to the health and well-being of future generations.

The way a woman gives birth has the potential to change how she feels about herself forever.
The way she feels has consequences for how she mothers and cares for her baby. It has consequences for her other relationships and for society.
All babies deserve to be welcomed into their mothers’ arms with love and respect...

Are you thinking "But of course we welcome our babies with love and respect!" Do we really? Okay then, I won't tell you how many times I've been at a hospital birth where the things done to a baby are not respectful. Have we evolved beyond learning a better way? Can we do better? Watch and see.
Love & Peace, Rosie

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  1. Rosie! Is this a new blog? It's beautiful! My MOM had an orgasmic birth with ME! I thought she was crazy, but she's told me the story a million times. How funny! Haven't had one yet, but it would be awesome =)


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