Friday, November 14, 2008

I love rainy days

It so rarely rains in Southern California - we stop everything to watch the rain! The cars on the road slow to almost a stop. The midwesterners and eastcoast folk curse the bad California drivers but they don't get many chances to - the rainy days are so few.

On Saturday I did my chores so that we could take out our new kayak on Sunday. It rained. I am sure that seasoned kayakers would go out in any weather but we are newbies (Craig went once and I've never been!). Any Kayaking advise would be appreciated (understatement). Oh well, this would be a great day to weed the flowerbeds. Yes, that photo is of my overgrown flowerbed! Did I weed? No. I finished my weekend chores with a trip to the dump. Then I watched football and watched the rain.

...this weekends weather forcast? 90 degrees! Maybe we'll get to kayak : )

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