Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Slow Life

Here is a Black Phobe that built a nest over our garage door. We enjoyed watching them feed their brood these last few weeks. The baby birds have flown the coop, left the nest. But we learned a lot about this bird and hope they come back to nest again.
Hiking Lake Hodges is one of our favorite pastimes. If you come to visit me you will most likely go on this walk with us. Here are some pictures of recent walks. Two are of me with my daughter, Andrea and our dogs, Sandy and Hank on the new walking bridge. While walking around the lake we have enjoyed seeing 10 baby ducklings swimming behind their mother, a roadrunner couple protecting their nest, chickmunks, lizards, hawks, and human families too! Here's a picture of Craig at our Temecula wine country visit a couple of weeks ago, the vineyards are beautiful, aren't they!

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