Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!!

I've been acting a little loony lately, even more than usual! My son, Austin, and his girlfriend, Vanessa are pregnant!
I'm having a baby! okay, a grand baby! Vanessa is having a baby, Austin is having a baby!
I don't know how to put into words the joy that fills my soul...I love my babies and now my baby is having a baby!
Austin will be a wonderful father. He was my "Tender Care Bear" as a little boy. Such a tender heart he has.
Vanessa is due late August, early September.
She is a dainty, wisp of a girl and at the same time a strong, smart woman!
The funniest thing is that I feel so inadequate.
After all I've never been a grandma before!
How do I do it?
It's like I know nothing about pregnancy, babies, birth, nothing!
I know now that EVERY TIME, EVERY pregnancy, EVERY birth is a miracle!
A strange journey.
I knew that of course.
I actually know sooooooo much, too much, about birth and babies.
But I know nothing about THIS one.
This one is blood related.
I always pray for my doula clients.
I always pray on my way to a birth.
I'm praying now.
I'm praying that God gives Austin & Vanessa love for each other
love for Him
health and a healthy baby!
Please pray for me. I need a prayer or a tranquilizer... These are exciting days! :D

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