Monday, February 21, 2011

What is Your Position?

You can pretty much tell what Rixa's position is by the name of her blog, Stand and Deliver. Here is another position on Positions in Labor by Musings of a Montreal doula. But what is your position? Have you given birth? What position did you prefer at the time of the birth of your baby? If you have not had a baby, what positions do you like to sleep in? have sex in? This will give you a clue to the position you might like to give birth in. Your answer is probably, "various positions". And so it is with birth. What if someone told you that you don't have a choice in the position you sleep in. You don't have a choice in the position that you have sex in! I would probably be a sleepy, grouchy, half crazy person if someone told me that. But that is what women have been told for years. Women in America and many parts of the world have been told what position they can and cannot birth in. NO MORE!

I have given much thought on why my town has such a high epidural rate, a high cesarean rate and why many women I talk to do not embrace "natural childbirth". I believe now that the reason women have scoffed at my "crazy natural childbirth" passion is because they could not bare the pain that birthing on their back creates. I cannot blame them. I blame the doctors (male and female), the culture, the traditions that are outdated, archaic. Women, Birthers, you are todays consumers, you are hiring (or firing) your health care providers, you can help all future women. Birth is a business above all (strange as that may sound), By demanding the customer (you) be served in a way that is both healthy and more comfortable you can create a new herstory, a new paridiam!

Please read a wonderful article by my friend Jill,
Latin American Countries Campaign for Access to Vertical Birth
I am jumping on the band wagon today before another day goes by. As a long distant internet friend is about to give birth I promised myself to join her in information sharing, freeing, blogging, about this important movement - the subject of movement in childbirth! It's all here in Rixa's blog, Birth Around the World, Vertical Birth

I am 'standing' on the sidelines here applauding and endorsing these smart, brave women who have all their ducks in a row; the studies, degrees, and technical savy to write to you. I am here to point you in their direction and I am here to talk to you if you ever want to talk about your patient rights, birthing options, safety and normalcy of birth, pain coping techniques and my Doula work. I am here to applaud you and encourage you and your family when your time to birth comes. Please take comfort in the facts shared in the referenced blogs and websites I share. And take comfort in knowing that your body was made to give birth, that birth is a healthy normal process and that moving to the beat of your babies heart and moving to the sound of your own drummer, your bodies inner knowing, you will find a comfort more powerful than any drug or any doula. You will find your way.

The movie, A Timeless Way, shows that throughout time women gave birth in the upright position. Parts of the movie can be seen on YouTube.

Part I -
Birth From Ancient Times

Part II -
Birth Images from the 1800's

Part III -
European Birth Images from the 1500's

Recuperando la posicion vertical is a sensational video you can see on YouTube. Translated it means: Humanized Birth: Retrieving the Verical Position

Spirt-Led Birth writes about the video below here

Here Spirit-Led writer, Susana Fierro-Baig, translates it for us:

"A woman should have her baby in the position she chooses."

"Walking and moving freely makes the baby's head push the cervic to produce more oxytocin."

"Dancing soothes the mama and favors the productionof endorphins. Childbirth is less painful."

"The movement and pressure of the baby relax the pelvic floor muscles and facilitates dilitacion, rotation, and decent."

"With movement the contractions are more effective, you can share with your partner, and the waiting time is more pleasant."

"The birth canal when the baby descends becomes wider, there is less trauma and possibilities of complications."

"The mother is the protagonist, has an active role and can change position and adopt the best position."

"Women throughout history have opted instinctively for the vertical position at the time of delivery."

"The vertical position makes for more effective uterine contractions, avoids using synthetic oxytocin (pitocin). Less risk."

"The vertical position causes the mother to feel more comfortable. It facilitates teh encounter with her baby."

"By finding the most comfortable position and physiological delivery occurs naturally, cesareans are avoided."

"A phyiological position allows uniform and spontaneous dilation of the perineum, avoiding episiotomy and tears."

"When mothers opt to have their baby on their knees, there is less pressure in large vessels and a better oxygenation to the baby."

"A woman may choose to hold onto a sheet which is done in indigenous communities since time immemorial."

"In conclusion women should choose the position, with liberty and peace, but the equestion arises."

"If the vertical position is the most convenient (for mothers), why do they continue lying mothers down during labor and delivery?"

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