Friday, January 06, 2012

New is Such a Nice Word

New is one of my favorite words. New babys, new clothes, new cars, all smell so good. New friends, new ideas super nice! But this New Years Day something rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I am becoming a grouchy crone. Maybe I just need to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening.

I like holidays as much as the next chap. I like holiday time with family and friends, holiday food, time away from the office, and I especially like attending holiday births. But this year the flood of Happy New Year wishes rubbed me the wrong way. Why? Not to be hypocritical here, let me say, I've wished plenty of folks Happy New Year. The words though sort of stuck in my craw. In my heart, for myself, the day was just another day. JUST?! I went to church, I walked on the beach at sunset (photo above is sunset taken by me on 1-1-12) and visited with a girlfriend. All the time thinking, "the miracle of this day is that it was a first ever, a brand New Day!". I am thankful for EACH and EVERY NEW DAY! I want to send each one of you a hug and a wish for a Happy Today! The sun comes up and a day is born. The snow falls and a storm is born, the season changes and Spring is sprung! We transition in every moment.

I am not a yogi but I practice being in the moment. This practice gives me joy and peace. That is what I wish for the people that pass through my life, joy and peace, being in the moment. In this moment for instance I am taking the time to do a exercise called NFA (Non Focused Awareness) as taught to me by Pam England in a Birthing From Within Mentor training. This practice (as I remember it) is simply going through your senses and paying attention to them. Don't judge them, don't turn you head but with your eyes open just relax and breath. Take your time. Here we go... In this moment I hear my fingers on the keyboard, I hear my pandora softly playing, I feel my breath, I feel a cramp in my typing fingers, I feel my bare feet on my sandals, I feel my sit bones in my chair and my eye glasses on the bridge of my nose. I feel my dry throat and my swallow. I see the bright morning light coming in the windows (and without really focusing on any of these things) I see a bright blue water bottle, reds, greens, whites, colors all around me and the shadows that they create. I smell.... Look! Even now it's a new moment. Happy New Moment!

[Sidenote: This  exercise works great for laboring through the transition stage of childbirth.]

Thank you God for this new breath. Another heart beat. With each breath I breathe out Thank you God! And breathe in Amen! And when all is quiet I will be with you God in eternity. Moments will be interesting there!

What new thing are you doing today?

Love you madly, Rosie
"be yourself because everyone else is taken"

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