Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vaginal Breech Birth in Hospital

 Heather in Labor

Last summer I attended my first ever vaginal breech birth as a birth doula.  Drum roll please! Here is the birth story in the mommy's own words. Most breech birth in hospitals today are considered high risk and baby is born by cesarean section. There are presently many training, conferences, and workshops going on to educate the medical world and teach them how breech positioned babies and their birth is not necessarily high risk, but they are in fact a variation of normal.

A Successful Breech-First Labor and Birth

 I have a client today who is facing the same battle as Heather did to birth her breech baby vaginally.  A dilemma that no woman should have to face. The words battle and birth should not be used in the same sentence.  Hopefully this issue will someday soon be resolved like some of the other more recent developments in the birth suite: NO Episiotomy, NO staying in bed to labor, No demanding a women birth in the supine position (on her back),  NO circumcision of baby boys, NO restricting of food in labor...No automatic scheduled cesarean birth of breech baby.

I remember the days when women (me included) were automatically shaved (all pubic hair gone), and we were automatically given an enema when we got to the hospital. This was the protocol. At that time doctors or someone in the medical rule-making club, thought there was actual good reasons to do both of these things. What horse shit! These have long ago gone to the way side.  But other practices, many worse, like continuous external fetal monitoring (EFM) and induction, have come on board to make birthing normally even harder today than 30 years ago. Hopefully with good education (first do no harm) childbirth practices in the USA will improve. Join

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