Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Due Dates

My body will open like a flower when my baby is ready
Your baby is almost here! How exciting? Frustrating? Scary? Waiting for labor, hoping and praying for it and then it's time to clean again or a special family occasion is coming up....argh! I've been there myself and have waited with many women and here is some of what I've learned. I hope it helps and encourages you.

Get in water
I love a warm bath after a stressful day (or morning). I love a swim in the ocean. More than we think, we are drawn to water; waterfalls, splashing in puddles, paddling in my kayak. It is such a comforting and therapeutic thing to do for yourself in your last trimester and in labor. Of course your baby was swimming and now is floating in warm water. Join her. Put yourself in a warm bath (≤100 degrees), light candles, put on your iPod and some relaxing music. Read. Just be. Uninterrupted. Just you and your baby. Visualize your birth.
Hint: if your tub has a overflow drain plug it up with a wash cloth so you can get the water up to the tippy top of the tub and you can get immersed even if you have a little tub.
Side bar: Get a massage or go to your chiropractor.

Yup, it is hard. But oh so worth it! I can tell you from experience. My first born was two weeks early and my second born was two weeks late. I thought that I’d be early of course so I waited four weeks. It was one of the most difficult things to do – wait. I walked straight up the continental divide every morning (I lived in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Buena Vista, Colorado). I tried to walk and talk this baby out! Then I resorted to praying. It was a spiritual experience. In the end I had a three hour labor woke at 3AM and birthed my baby at 6AM Like I said – So worth it! I can tell you many more stories like this. There are many care providers (docs) who will tell you various scary things like “your baby is getting too big” – hump! My “late” baby was my biggest (8lbs14oz) and by far my easiest to birth!
In our fast food society we have instant everything. Don't rush your baby. The 38-42+ weeks that your baby is inutero is such an important time. Your baby needs every day of that gestating experience. Nope, it’s not a mistake if he comes at 41 weeks plus 5 days. The day before he was born he was doing something important. Don't judge your body or your baby. Just trust. Please wait. When your baby is in your arms you will trust him to let you know when he is hungry or uncomfortable. Trust him now to know when he needs to come out and be born. Let the baby decide.

Do your homework:
The EDD was just that, estimated. If you get in too big of a hurry you may find you have a premature baby. There are many tragedies surrounding premature birth one of them being Mom goes home while baby stays in NICU. Waiting for labor will ensure you go home with your baby in your arms!

“Late preterm infants are a growing concern,” said Nancy Green, M.D., medical director of the March of Dimes. “Some babies born just a few weeks early need medical and nursing attention beyond that given to full term newborns. They have a greater likelihood of breathing problems like respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), feeding difficulties, temperature instability (hypothermia), jaundice and reduced brain development than full-term babies.”
The March of Dimes analysis suggests that increasing rates of Cesarean section deliveries and induced labor have probably contributed to, but do not completely explain these shifts in deliveries, said Michael Davidoff, Manager of Informatics, Research and Development at the March of Dimes and the paper's lead author.

In the end...Have fun!
"Time's Fun when you're having Flies"attributed to Kermit the FrogHave fun with friends and THE DADDY! Yes, it seems you are the one who is doing all the work! Growing a baby is hard… sleeping at all is rough...and all the choices are really up to you the MOM! Picking a baby catcher, a place to birth, a Pediatrician and arranging postpartum help, all up to you! But stop and think. In your heart of hearts who is your best friend, your lover, the person who made this journey possible? Yes, the journey is not always easy but it is a fantastic, amazing, thrilling ride! And your partner, the daddy of your baby is in it with you. He’s made it all possible.

Take him out for a date! Rub his back. Massage his feet. The dividends will be great. Maybe labor will start! The love hormone, oxytocin, is one of the labor hormones. Think of all the new friends, young friends and old friends that could use a ‘kind deed’. Get out of the house. This may be your last chance to bless them for awhile. Soon you will be a mommy and you will need to accept their help and let others bless you. So spend these last few days blessing your neighbors and friends but mostly your partner!

How fast those babies grow and when he’s off to college who will be crying by your side? The daddy! Love him up! Oh btw toe curling sex started my first labor (wink).
Let me know how it goes. Love, Rosie

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