Monday, November 30, 2009

Liam's Birth

I joined Kris in the last hours of her three day labor. She embraced and never questioned the process. She was so confident that her body knew how to birth her baby. She was so smart! And I'll just bet this confidence and faith in birth and in her body has followed her into motherhood! The birth story I presented to Kris at our postpartum visit is linked above. It is posted on Liza Janda's Bradley Childbirth webpage.

There is always a reason labors and births go this way or that. Little Liam had his hand up by his face (nuchal hand) which doesn't allow for complete pressure on the cervix and sometimes causes "uncoordinated" albeit strong contractions. Although, doulas and midwives may recognize this type of labor and suggest various positions that may reposition baby into a "favorable position", in this situation gets baby's hand out of the way, there are no guarantees and this is not an emergency or abnormality. Baby will be born just fine and in perfect time.

the term "favorable" is used by medical people for various reasons. But for this baby it was favorable for him to keep his hand by his face...maybe he was a thumb sucker in utero. Maybe it was comforting for him. All these 9 months he's played with his hand and now WE want him to 'move it!'. Who do we think we are?!

Women your bodies are smart, your babies are smart. Don't doubt it for a second.

I am thankful for to be able to say this confidently! Thank you to the birthing women that have taught me this and so much more about life, love, death, living, birth, spirituality, my body (is okay), faith....

And thank you to the babies that teach us all. -Rosie

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