Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birth News - I'm a Grandma Again!

Yes! I am a Grandma for the second time. Matthew Vincent was born March 10, 2012 at 1:56PM. He weighed 10lbs. 11.7 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long. He was born at Tom's River Community Medical Center aka Barnabas Health. I traveled from San Diego to New Jersey to be with my daughter a few days before our guesstimate of baby's birth day. My daughter and I walked the beaches of NJ Shore, a stones throw from her cozy home, many times during her pregnancy and even the night that her labor started. Here is a video of baby Matthew's first walk, on the beach of course! 
It goes without saying that the last two weeks was the best time of my life! I did miss my little booboo, grandbaby #1 and got to rendezvous with him last night. Now it's back to work at the University, work interviewing for doula jobs and doing what I can to pay for the cost of being a bi-coastal grandma. Look for a wedding blog next! My son is getting married in April! You know what that means? I get a fantastic daughter-in-law! And that baby Matthew and his parents will be coming into town! Wooohooo! God is good! Thank you Jesus (raising my arms to the sky)! My cup runneth over.
DOULA BUSINESS: I am adding some links in the Resources listed on the sidebar of this blog. I am changing my list of San Diego Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Resources, deleting the San Diego part and making it worldwide, and more general. Many people from around the country are asking me for midwife and doula information. Our world is getting smaller and smaller with the age of internet, viral marketing, and media networking. This is so cool! One of my recent doula clients was from Wisconsin and was referred to me by a friend she grew up with in Wisconsin. This friend met my daughter in New York City a few years back and has become a close family friend to me. I have also made birthy type friends in New Jersey now (Hi Nicole and Rose Marie!). Many of the doula clients I work with are from different countries, ethnicity, and we find each other and share many common bonds, mostly birth & babies of course. But I love learning new customs, eating new foods and as I've said before Birth has a common language so no words are needed at the time of the baby's coming. The language of LOVE is universal.
Kisses on your cheeks, a deep bow, bear hugs, Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses to you today. -Rosie

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