Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still reeling from witnessing a wonderful birth on Friday, Feburary 3, 2012, making the Super Bowl somewhat anticlimax.

This woman who's birth I witnessed, the woman I stood by, like a bridesmaid, I waited on her, fetched her things, carried her royal train of towels from the hot shower.  This woman did infact enjoy her birthing body, the birth of her baby.

I was reminded of  what Lonnie Morris said in Orgasmic Birth Documentary, "Women of Earth Take Back Your Birth". She said she wanted to put this on a big billboard.....who will step forward and start this billboard fund?

I'm reminded of another blog I read once titled Birth belongs to women, babies, and families Here's to Women!

December, January and February doula clients were able to create the birth they hoped for. It was not easy.

The prenatal preparations included life long experiences, even more than life long, they included generations of birthing women to help pave the way for these babies, these births.

There are always tears.

Tears in the days waiting for a late baby or tears in the hours waiting for a slow baby or tears in the contraction of knowing, knowing there is no turning back.

Tears of relief when the work of birth is complete, tears of joy, tears of hormonal surges, tears together with baby as the transitions into motherhood and childhood are shared.

There is Love and there is doubt.

There is much mystery. and there are miracles.

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