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The Scar Tissue Issue

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Don't bother trying to find Cervical Scar Tissue in any medical journals or ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist) journals. It's not there. Many more women, at a much earlier age, are having procedures performed on their cervix.  One consequence is scar tissue.  That sounds logical. When have we gotten a skinned knee and not gotten a scar to go along with it?  When I got a simple biopsy on my breast boy did I get scar tissue! But getting scar tissue on your cervix? Big deal. So one would've thought. Who thinks about these things? Who would give it a whole (as in whole pie vs. piece of pie) blog? Me.

Warning: Some of the links below show photos of real cervix (not drawings). Proceed at your own risk.

It's come to my attention that women who have had a LEEP, cone or cryo procedure or a D&C or IUD (Intrauterine Device) put in, or any other procedure of that type may have scar tissue.  This scar tissue sometimes interferes with the birth process.  This scar tissue can make the cervix so strong that it will not dilate, will not open to the 10 centimeters that most baby's like to slip their heads through. This is often called FTP (failure to progress) in a women's medical chart and the consequence is her baby is born by Cesarean Section. Funny thing is that most OBGYN's have not made the connection. They do the work, cutting out precancerous or cancerous cells and then wonder why this same woman will not dilate, cannot birth vaginally.  The good news is that with a little effort and patience this scar tissue can be massaged and the unyielding tissue made soft enough to open (dilate) and babies come down the birth canal and are born just fine. Yay! Yes, they are really happy! Babies don't want to be afraid, stuck or pulled out. Do you? That's just not the way it was designed. A good design is a joy!

The tables have turned, the medical community is learning more and more from their patients! Scratching my head, "In fact how would a doctor ever learn anything if it wasn't for the patient?"  When it comes to cervical scar tissue they are learning something from my friend Doula Dawn.  Dawn is passionate about birth, about women's reproductive rights.  As a birth doula she's been called the VBAC Queen. For the last ten years she has assisted families in finding medical care and a safe place to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Why? Because that is what women want and the data shows it is safer than repeat surgeries.   Dawn herself had three Cesarean's before having a VBAC at home. Yes, she experiences cervical scar tissue. I am helping her to spread the good news that 1)it's really an issue and 2) it can be resolved.  I am here today to tell you that you might want to read about this scar tissue issue. If you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant, it would be good to rack your memory and remember if you've had any procedures done to your cervix.  If you have had a procedure, ask your care provider, OB or Midwife, if they have experience with cervical scar tissue and then read this and sign up for Dawn's online class.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to call Dawn or me or someone who understands.  Ask your doula to help you learn more. She may not yet know about this issue and you will learn together.

I have said for many years that I trust birth and I trust in women's ability to birth and then scratched my head when I was foiled.  Now I know the reason.  Cervical Scar Tissue.  Sure there are other mysterious physiological and psychological reasons that birth is slow or non-emergency cesareans happen. There's no wrong way to give birth. Every time it's a miracle! If you gave birth by cesarean section you will most likely spend some time wondering or fretting if maybe this had been your issue. I hope you won't fret too much. Please pass this information along and maybe someone else will be helped. But you can bet, just as this cervical scar issue has now seen the light of day and we now know it can be resolved, there will be a new issue tomorrow. I have seen and heard about many improvements in birth practices over the last ten years but these improvements are slow to be adopted by doctors in hospitals.  Sadly, the 2010 United Nations data showed that the United States had slipped from 41st to 50th place, with a higher maternal mortality ratio than 49 other countries. So hold on! You are going to see much more information here about safe birthing!1

I don't know how all the countries that have a much lower cesarean rate than the USA are dealing with the issue of cervical scar tissue but the USA isn't. Period.  We, the consumers, must step up and stand up and speak up for ourselves, our bodies, our births.  Tell your doctor that your body works, your contractions are rocking strong and your baby is ready to come..."my labor is just taking longer because I have some scar tissue on my cervix and it'd be lovely if you could find it and rub it out, break up that scar tissue. Then we can proceed, get on with the show!" It can work like magic.

It can happen this fast - Open Sesame!

The lotus flower is an exotic treasure that has many purposes.
I have pictured them in this blog as an example of the
opening of a woman's cervix during childbirth.
How tragic it would be if someone manipulated this flower
and it could not bloom as it was designed.
Think about your favorite flower.  Does it have a sweet scent?
Did you know that many flowers are edible?
Look at the opening of the lotus flower here 
and imagine your cervix doing the same.

1. Stay at home. Hire a midwife.


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  2. Hello! I am 18 weeks pregnant and have just recently heard about massaging scar tissue on the cervix to help dilation. I stumbled upon your page while researching. I have 9 children... my first 6 were normal vaginal births. After #6 (my only daughter. :) ) was born, I found out that I had cervical cancer. Having JUST moved to TX from MN and having no insurance, I could only find a doctor who could do a LEEP to try to remove the cells. It was successful. During my pregnancy with #7, I had a placental abruption at 35 weeks, which resulted in an emergency c-section. When it came time to deliver #8, I was going for a VBAC, but couldn't get past 4 cm. I wish I had known about the massage then!!!!! I ended up with a c-section again. :( #9 was delivered by c-section as well due to the possibility of another abruption. Come to find out, these abruptions were due to MTHFR (blood clotting mutation.) I'm now on blood thinners with baby #10 and I REALLY want to have a VBAC. My hospital won't allow me to unless I show up there 7-8 cm dilated. I was wondering, is it safe to try to do the massage at home?? Can any complication arise from it? I've also read that applying Evening Primrose Oil during the last few weeks of pregnancy can help...??? I would really like more input, as well as the possibility of a vaginal birth. I live in Northern MN,(small town areas), so midwife's are far and few. Plus, being a high risk pregnancy with preterm labor/premature deliveries... I have to see a high risk OB. But anything I can do that would get me to deliver naturally would be WONDERFUL!! (BTW, my OB WISHES he could do VBAC's! So, I know that if I could get far enough in labor, he would just let me deliver. It's the hospital that doesn't allow VBAC's.)

  3. Hello Rosie,I am a mother of four, all previous c-sections.With the last one we decided ourselves to go with unassisted birth because they wanted to schedule yet another c-section 20 days prior.They wanted to do the c-section on the 8th of February and my water broke and went into labour on the 27th of February.We were at home but I could not handle the pain longer and was not sure if I was dilating at all.Forgetting about the traffic jams,we ended spending another hour in the traffic,came at the hospital and I was 8cm dilated.Half an hour later I was dilated 10cm and they said push,but doctor already then gave me two different pain meds, with the first I still felt every contraction but the lower pain was gone,then they gave me a full epidural and I felt nothing,the machine would indicate a contraction but I did not feel it and so they said push and I pushed myself red in the face with nothing.So they pushed me into the ER and c-section once again.Now I am pregnant again without planning it with number five,I am twenty weeks along and my blood work, iron, urine and bloodpressure has been great.Feeling her move around normal.But now the midwife keeps on saying that I have scar tissue because my stomach indicates higher than 20 weeks.She wants to pull out as she heard stories of ruptures.I read regarding symtoms experiencing with adhesions and I have none of that.I've also read about the massaging,do you have any advice?She only recommends yet another c-section but if I've had the scar tissue with the last c-section that will be a year back next month then I would not have gone that far in my pregnancy right?Please any advice will help.Her only reason is that with the palpation I am showing 22 weeks instead of my current 20 weeks confirmed by the last ultrasound.We are in South Africa and the c-section rate is extremely high.


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